There are a lot of good reasons to start a community car scheme with Via

  • Legal documents taken care of
  • Help finding volunteers
  • Assistance securing funding
  • System in place for handling journey requests and finding drivers
  • System in place for handling driver insurance, MOT, and DBS checks
  • System in place for managing financial claims & reimbursements
  • System in place for keeping track of driver and volunteer availability

Starting a new car scheme with Via

There's a lot to do to start a scheme

Setting up and managing a scheme can be complex. You need to decide how your scheme will work, how much to charge and how to make sure that you comply with the relevant legislation and regulations.

Following this you'll then need to find volunteer drivers, and may need to find others to assist with coordination and administrative tasks. Coordinating between all of these people can be a real challenge.

There's a lot to get done when starting a car scheme

Via simplifies the process of starting a new community scheme

Starting a new car scheme on Via couldn't be easier.

We've built Via around the most successfully operating volunteer groups in the UK. You'll find it easy to use, intuitive to learn, and ideal for starting a small group and growing it at your own pace.

We can guide you through the steps that you need to take, providing you with useful resources such as templates for constitutions, policies and consent forms to make life easier for you.

Via can be accessed from a computer, tablet or smart phone. It's free for small schemes that are just getting started – so ideal if you are setting out with just a few drivers, or on your own.

Via can help you start your car scheme

"I am so pleased to see our scheme up and running. It is largely due to the ease of using your software that we have achieved as much as we have so quickly"

Tony - Stalbridge CVCS